Quality you can trust Design Our pianos maintain the classic European design and are produced under an advanced automated production line. From apprentices to technicians, we pay attention to detail in every manufacturing process. VIEW MORE Quality you can trust DIVERSE Our piano range includes the grand, upright, digital and even kids instruments. Perfect for every home VIEW MORE Quality you can trust german consultants All our components are based on German Renner mechanism and include original Roslav strings VIEW MORE
Here's what our passionate users have to say
A Wonderful Experience

"My daughter has been attending piano lessons for over three years and we have upgraded our Steiner pianos twice already. Needless to say we are loving this brand"

Jennifer Este
Self Playing Pianos

"We were looking at acquiring a self-playing piano for a long time but all the great ones were out of our price range. The Steiner self playing grand piano blew us out the water to say the least"

John Selders
CEO, Quare Hospitality
Value for money

"The Steiner starter drum kit is the most affordable drum kit on the market and our kids love it. They have used it both at home and on stage"

Ali Talal
Fantastic Dynamics

"I was surprised at the dynamics I was able to get out of a standard Steiner upright piano. They are affordable and on par with the best pianos out there"

Gloria Tyree
Annual Piano Production
Production lines
Choose from a range of our classic pianos. Built with precision and built to last
Industry Experience

We are committed to creating the best quality instruments at an affordable price range. Steiner has bought together individuals from around the world to share their expertise and create an instrument that is both exquisite and memorable.

OUR Materials
We combine a range of tools and materials which are sourced globally to fulfill our vision of creating an instrument that is truly unique.

Steiner Pianos include Australian Organic Pure Wool, German Dehonit Pinblocks, German Strunz/Canada Solid Spruce Soundboard, Japan Suzuki String/German Roslau Strings and Weight Balance Leaded Technology.

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Other Instruments
The Steiner product family now includes other instruments

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